Shadow Player Youth Basketball Training System

Basketball Shadow Player Youth Training System has been designed for youth basketball skill development and training. This way youth players can form a strong “fundamental foundation,” which will in turn, help them to become better basketball players.

The Shadow Player Training System is unlike any other basketball training system on the market today. It comes with a complete five specially designed and patented Shadow Player Drill Towers. It also includes a Skill Development Matrix, fun color skill drills, and a light-weight custom carrying bag. This would be for portability from gym-to-gym.  The “system” is designed to work for any level of basketball player. This includes from beginners to advanced, and can also include grade school to high school.  

Youth basketball coaches across the country are excited about what the Shadow Player Training System offers.  Based on feedback, they are impressed with how easy it is to set-up. It is also impressive how it can breakdown on the basketball court during practices.  The Shadow Player Training System also makes practices more fun and efficient. This way it is  providing a “variety” for those long youth basketball practices. The system allows individual players to work on their game by themselves with various drills. They do this as the Drill Towers mimic players on the court and are easy to move around. 

Shadow Player Youth Basketball Training System

Featured Locations?

This new basketball training system was featured at the following Kansas City area basketball camps. This includes: Rockhurst University, Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Rockhurst High School, Park Hill South High School, at the KAMO HOOPS Elite Basketball Camp at Shawnee Mission East High School and at the Rocky Lamar Fundamentally Driven Summer Basketball Camp at Mid-America Nazarene University.  The system has also been featured at regional AAU/USSSA basketball tourneys and other special basketball organization events.  

Shadow Player Youth Basketball Training System

Shadow Player Weight Rings NOW AVAILABLE…See Below

Shadow Player Weight Rings are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase and use on indoor or outdoor basketball courts.  The weight rings add extra stability, especially on the outdoor court, to combat a highly windy practice day. The circular weight rings are flexible weight-filled durable hoses. They can be compressed in an egg-like shape. This way they can fit into your custom carrying bag, along with the five Shadow Player Drill Towers.

The Shadow Player Weight Rings can also be placed next to each other on the ground for additional uses. Like for footwork agility drills for players of all ages.  

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