iGalen Support

Welcome to a Better You!  iGalen Support is here to allow you to benefit the most from this life changing product.

You will soon have your iGalen Emulin Plus M or Plus C.  We will contact you should there be any issues and to touch base with you for your proper use of this Life Changing product.

You will want to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and you will want to take 1 capsule 15 minutes before each meal (preferably with 3 meals a day).

Once you start taking your Emulin+, you should notice the following (awesome) side-effects:

  • iGalen SupportYou will see that your ability to Over Eat will be painful.  Your body will begin telling you to stop eating.  This is natural (and the way it should be).
  • As a benefity, you will feel full naturally.
  • You will notice that you feel good, and not overly tired or fatigued after eating
  • When you continue taking your Emulin Plus M or Plus C with each meal, you will notice that your stored fat will be consumed better by your body for energy.  This has further side-effects

Please be sure to REGISTER to the right of this page so you can get email updates, but also so you can have direct email communication with us.  This will give you direct email access to us for any questions or support you need.  We can handle almost everything through email and will be available by phone as needed.

Use of the product is easy, follow the guidance and follow the directions as indicated on the bottle.

For more help in what carbs to be eating, so you can help the product work for you better, be sure to visit the Eat Carbs page on this site.  Go here now, and be sure to bookmark it so you can reference it easily.

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