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(Live Young) – Usually I don’t recommend “weight-loss” supplements. In addition, I’m excited about this new garcinia cambogia based product from Hawaii Slim. Not only did I use the product and lose weight but several of my girlfriends have lost weight with this product as well. After all, I decided to investigate a little further and here’s what I discovered.

Dozens of weight loss experts, including a famous TV Doctor, have been talking up the benefits of garcinia cambogia. There’s real science behind the weight loss results that people have been experiencing. With an edgy technology, Hawaii Slim has delivered a rock solid garcinia cambogia based product with the added benefits of proven ingredients such as, Spirulina, Ginger, Ginseng and Green Tea extract.

Hawaii Slim truly is a body sculpting product that will give you amazing results on your physical frame as it did mine. Hawaii Slim also has the capability to energize and reinvigorate your body. This product is very impressive. Check it out…

Lose Weight 3 Times Faster

Well for starters Hawaii Slim claims that you can “Lose Weight 3 Times Faster” with their product. You are probably thinking the same thing I did the first time I heard that. How? That was the same question I had as well. Here’s what Hawaii Slim claims their product has:

  • More active fat burning ingredients to accelerate your results.
  • Plant based natural energy to fight fatigue.
  • Detoxifying herbs to flush toxins.
  • Additional fat burners to target belly fat.
  • Powerful appetite suppressants to stop cravings.

This blended supplement is supposed to work better than straight garcinia cambogia, which is what everyone else sells. Okay, that all makes sense and sounds good. But putting it to the test and seeing the results is what counts. So, with my editors blessing, I decided to go out and put the product to the test myself. What better way to find out the truth then to conduct my own study?

I volunteered for this assignment. Because I needed to lose some weight. I found out that many of the ingredients in Hawaii Slim actually come from from Hawaii. Where the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and nutrients and produces some of the highest quality ingredients and potent botanicals in the world.

Hawaii Slim ia a powerful “triple action” formula that combines garcinia cambogia with 50% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), more fat burners, a natural energy ingredient and detoxifying herbs. From what I found out in my research, is that a powerful blend of ingredients is far superior than taking a 100% garcinia cambogia product by itself.

When I first opened my bottle of Hawaii Slim the aroma of its contents smelled heavenly and I knew it contained quality ingredients. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people selling weight loss supplements and if you decide to try a weight loss supplement, make sure you are getting the real thing with no fillers or binders.