WP Starter Guide – WordPress Tutorial

A Tutorial On How To Create A Website Using WordPress. Great Guide For Beginners.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website With WordPress

First of all, you are about to gain a tremendous advantage over most WordPress users.

WP Starter Guide - WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is designed for news-oriented sites. But because of its ease of use and flexibility, people are now using it to create all kinds of websites.

The problem is, most WordPress sites aren’t really “news sites.” The average user just doesn’t know how to effectively use the WordPress Menu function. Static pages to create a website with a logical navigation and optimal content layout can be challenging as well.

A total blog format with only categories and posts, should not have every WordPress site be organized. WordPress is not just for blogs.

Too many users fail to make effective use of static landing pages, causing their important content and visitors to get lost in a sea of dated posts.

Traditional static website owners shy away from using WordPress.

Existing WordPress users struggle to make their menus link to the pages they want.

The WP Starter Guide is not only the perfect starter guide for anyone new to WordPress. But it will show you how to make the best use of the dynamic and static functionality; so your visitors can be content on how you organize in the most logical way.

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This guide makes learning so much fun.

What Does The Guide Include?

125 pages (PDF) of up-to-date information on how to use WordPress to create a website. Great for beginners.

– Tips on topic/keyword research

– An entire chapter dedicated to layout that will help you make your WordPress site easier to navigate using static pages

– Instructions for adding/floating social media icons in your header

– Discover how to easily add AdSense ads to your sidebar

– Lots of colorful screenshots for illustration and easy reading

– Help with using the WordPress Menu feature to create drop-down navigation menus in seconds

– Inside tips on what I’ve done with my newest WordPress site to improve the page views per visitor

FREE lifetime upgrades! WordPress is always being updated. I will keep the guide up-to-date to reflect major releases and send (email) you a copy.

Who is the WP Starter Guide For?

– People who want to learn how to use WordPress

– Existing WordPress users struggling with layout, site navigation, and WordPress basics

Download it Today!

A Word From The Blogger Himself

I hope that you were able to gain something from this blog. If you have any questions feel free to check out the hyper-links that are embedded within this blog. Hopefully, they will give you more insight into what else you need to know or do. WordPress if very user friendly once you learn how it works. I work with it everyday and enjoy it. It helps with adding more to the professionalism as well as look on whatever it is that you are trying to publish. Again, this is something that will help you to grow a more effective and productive work force.